Summer Heat!

  • Downhome Magazine
  • Posted: Aug 09, 2012 1:07 PM
I believe it is safe to say, in the weather department Mother Nature gets a solid "two thumbs up." What a summer we're having!

Who would have thought sun-filled, hot summer days would stick around longer than forty-eight hours? Splash Pad, Skate parks, Sunshine Camp, our days have been filled with non-stop outdoor activities! Activities, that for once don't require hoodies and jackets.

It's nice to see the jeans and dark-coloured apparel replaced with neon colours, shorts and with the current humidity, as little clothing as possible! My favourite quote of the summer so far? "Temperatures will be so'll wish your husband had shaved his back!" - @ryansnoddon .

It's true, Newfoundlanders are a tough bunch. We brave winter with wind burn and a lop-sided smile-these days, we tackle the unfamiliar humidity. There's no feeling like getting of the leather couch and hearing the peeling of your skin as it's stuck on like glue. That "oh so awesome" shower to cool off, only to dry your hair and sweat in crevices you didn't know you had, forgoing a second shower in the likelihood you might pass out from heat exhaustion. Yes, this summer is awesome!

Of course, it's also been the summer of 50 Shades of Grey. Don't laugh or snicker! If you haven't read it already, you've thought about it. Everywhere you look-book stores, street signs, and Facebook- are all baring some snippet of the summer craze.

Me? Yes, I've read it. And I loved it. It may not have been the most appropriate book to be reading on the plane, as I did get a strange look from my aisle neighbour, He he.

With three kids, a dog, my house and life, my free time is limited. So, when I do get a few minutes to sit down, if I'm going to sacrifice clean bed sheets for a book- It had better be worth it.

As my husband said, "Like Twilight, with 50 Shades, I lost my wife for a week!" I am confident though, that any husband whose wife did or is reading this trilogy, is certainly NOT complaining! There isn't a person I've talked to, who is able to talk about Christian Grey without sporting a naughty grin and blushed cheeks. While E.L. James hasn't embarked on anything new with the steamy romance novel, she has managed to ignite a sultry fluster in readers everywhere!

Indeed the next logical step in any money making frenzy- make the movie! It worked for Twilight and it will work for 50 Shades. There have been rumbles of potential actors and actresses, whether it will make the big screen or be featured on HBO. Well, all I can say is this: like the estrogen-filled theatre for Magic Mike- be it the big screen or my television at home with a one-month subscription to HBO-this mama, along with some very enthusiastic ladies, will be joining the masses to see this movie!

Enjoy the heat and continue having a terrific summer! Don't forget, Mommy Jingles is on Twitter, @themommyjingles.