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Friday, July 8, 2011

Let me start by apologizing for not having posted in a few weeks. Over the last month or so I have embarked on two hockey trips, one to Moncton for Drew, my younger son, and just last week returned from Toronto, where Noah participated in the Summer Meltdown with his fellow Blizzard Dogs. After a full season of hockey, and a six-week spring league, why not hit the ice rink in capris and sandals when it's 32 degrees outside? The phrase, "I am Canadian" resonates in my head!

So here we were, my two boys and I in Toronto. With GPS in hand, we manoeuvred the 12-lane highways, braved shady yet interesting side roads, power-shopped like there was no tomorrow (one word - OUTLET) and even tried our luck at Toronto's downtown subway system to visit my dear friend and find the Hockey Hall of Fame!

The GPS led us straight to the closest subway stop. The parking however, was another story. Though I could see the white street sign with the glowing "P" (indicating public parking), finding the entrance to such a lot was another story. Five blocks, 35 minutes, two long distance phone calls and a four-block parking lot later, we were good to go.

After a successful day in downtown Toronto, a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame and a great afternoon with my friend, I safely returned to the hotel with several shopping bags and two children. Phew! All the while I'm still muttering to myself, "I must be crazy!"

In the end, our Toronto hockey adventure was terrific. We rounded off our trip with Canada's Wonderland, one too many rollercoasters (for Mommy that is), minor sunburns (as opposed to wind burn), lots of shopping and finally visiting family before returning home.

I stand by my statement, "National Lampoon's got nothing on us," and only now can truly chuckle at the craziness that IS travelling with kids. Lessons learned? One, it is cheaper to pay for an extra piece of luggage as opposed to a bag that is over weight ($20 for extra bag/$56.50 for overweight bag). Two, hotel rooms should better label their free water - free meaning $6 a bottle. Next time, hide the expensive water immediately. And, three, when four lights on the dashboard of your rental car illuminate within the first hour of having it, it is best to return the car immediately. Unlike myself, who calls road assistance strictly for informative purposes, telling them, "It seems to be driving alright, I'll see what happens." Well, stalling out on the 401 highway amidst a hurricane rainfall is what happens. With that, one more phone call to roadside assistance, a few silent profanities and a Hail Mary...enter rental car number two!

Now home, back with my little girl (who I think has taken over my side of the bed), I have the privacy of my own bathroom, cooked meals, and most importantly, solid ground! Summer in St. John's might not be that bad after all!

'Till next week...I'm Chicago bound!

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