April Fool's Day

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Friday, April 1, 2011

First off I would like to thank "Sheila" for dumping the 30+ cm centimetres of snow last week. There's nothing better than shovelling snow and ice while listening to the sounds of Katy Perry's California Girls. Daisy dukes and bikinis on top? Please hold while I stick toothpicks in my eyes.

With snow pants, Skidoo gloves, and a scarf wrapped around my face, I braved the 90km/hr winds once again removing snow, snow and more snow. Where we live, the rolling hills of freshly fallen snow are something you only read of in books. Here, the sideways falling snow mixed with rain and frigid winds leave behind moguls of ice covered with dirt. There's nothing pretty about this time of year.

The sun-filled skies of St. Petersburg, Florida are a far cry from the overcast, grey-coloured ones here. Outside activities for the kids are beginning to shift toward spring, with dusted off hockey nets and street-hockey sticks making their way back to the streets. "If you build it they will come," so, why not "if you play it, spring will come" - in the hope Mother Nature will throw a few mild, sunny days our way.

Meanwhile, stacks of T-shirts and shorts, numerous racks of bathing suits and bikinis, soccer balls and shin pads, baseball gear and golf equipment line the retail stores. Have these people not looked outside lately? By the time we're ready for any of those things, most are gone and are replaced with next season's fall line. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy winter - when it's supposed to be winter. Here, winter has a sick and twisted timeline; seeing snow till May or June is not that unlikely. Perhaps we should engage retailers with a more appropriate marketing campaign. "You hand over a few of those bikinis filling the stores and I'll give you the 10 pounds I packed on over the winter!"

Well, today April has finally arrived. Some Newfoundlanders spread their wings - heading south, others persevere against the chilly spring air digging out their beloved barbecues and some extend that gym membership for just one more month. Bikinis, palm trees, martinis by the pool, some good old vitamin D, all of these seem nothing more than urban myths. But I know you're out there and I'm gonna find you! Be it street hockey, rollerblading or simply shovelling snow in my flip flops...Spring WILL be found!

If today is any indication, it might be around the corner: +5 and sunny skies = awesome!

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