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Friday, March 4, 2011

There's nothing worse than a sick child. Their usual active, happy-go-lucky selves replaced by a fevering, cough strickened, pathetic bag of bones imbedded in the recliner. Little rosy cheeks with a tiny whimper for a snuggle, is all this mama needs to grab her comfy pants and fuzzy blanket to settle in with the sick.

Here's how my week went down:

Day 1, Sunday: It's confirmed that little Grace is indeed sick. The persistent cough is now accompanied by pink cheeks, a warm forehead and mild irritability (though I believe her genetic make-up of XX allows for constant irritability on a varying level). She's low key, content to watch her movie and I putter about the house as normal, tending to her every need while avoiding any level of housework.

Day 2, Monday: Boys have been picked up for school. The little Miss picks at her breakfast taking in the adventures of "Animal Mechanicals." Though not feeling well, she is pleasant and truly adorable as she attempts to blow her own nose.

We colour, read stories and hang out on the couch. Like clockwork Gracie begins to crash mid-afternoon and snuggles up with her bankies while Ice Age plays in the background. I have seized this time to do laundry, clean two-day-old dishes (unpleasant), re-organize cupboards, craft supplies, all the while removing dust bunnies that soon could have walked away on their own. If I was going to be housebound, today I was going to catch up!

Day 3, Tuesday: The day starts off with the announcement of a snow day - again. Snow, and high winds once again force the closure of schools for the day. And, like most snow days, it's perfectly wonderful out by noon.

The boys had puttered up the street for some good ol' snow-day ice hockey. It's now we visit the doctor to discover little G has a nasty fever, bad sinus infection and pneumonia. Who knew!

With a lift from Mom, we reassumed our spot in the rocking chair, nice and warm and cozy. It's terrible to see them so pathetic, however, I can't help but love the cuddles that come along with the sickies!

Day 4, Wednesday: Middle child is not feeling the best, and had a warm forehead and cough. With two out of three down for the count, there were lots of cuddles going around...again and again and again. Good grief man! I've barely smelled fresh air in four days; I'm becoming more idle by the minute. Boogers, diarrhea, snot-filled tissues...there was nothing cute about it. Did we really need to have the three of us stuffed into the recliner like hogs in 90-degree heat? The last of my personal space was barely visible.

In a desperate act of entertainment, I give my boy a paper shredder and a box of "to be shredded" papers. "Here buddy. Have at it!" I lovingly grumble as I find him a spot to perch. Surely this would entertain him for a little while.

Then, as if by some sixth sense, a voice emerges from the burning heap of blankets and snotty tissues, "Drew! I'm over here." Even unwell, these two siblings would find any excuse to bicker.

"Mommy I'm thirsty," "Mommy can you get me some tissues?" "Mom, I don't like the peel," "Mom can I shred the envelopes?" Sweet mother of jingles people! "Here's one for you: Can I have two seconds so I can PEE - PLEASE?"

The threshold, maximum mommy-ness had been reached. Like the Rogers "on Demand" button, I too was being pressed and pressed, because when you're sick, you need it now, but I was running out of steam. I had to get out. The walls were closing in and my tolerance level depleting. With a swift text to my husband indicating it would be in his best interest to get home quickly, and a plan to escape to Costco, my breath of "fresh air" was minutes away.

Zoom, zoom baby! As I drove to my destination, I had feelings of guilt. What a sin for me. A sick little girl, an unwell boy and all I can think of is "how I'm getting out of here?" You know what? Shoot me! I'm only human. Three days of extreme care giving with no 15-minute break, no family day, no annual leave.

Day 5, Thursday: Both boys make it to school. My little princess is still sick and starting a new course of antibiotics. She yo-yo's back and forth between precious angel and evil queen. I however, thanks to Costco and some therapeutic online shopping, feel refreshed and well equipped to dish out some "Mama loves ya, even though you can drive me nuts - feel better my angel!"

Day 6, Friday: Repeat...with wine.

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