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Fri. January 14, 2011

And...WHAMO! How was that for a dump a snow! Nothing like the good old Newfoundland weather - unpredictable, unreliable and always inconsistent! It was only days ago I saw two joggers wearing shorts, puttering down the parkway and now...40 cm of snow...boom! Hello winter!

Needless to say, if you were driving around the city of St. John's last week you were slipping and sliding. If your route involved one of the city's more treacherous hills, forget it. You weren't making it up that puppy! It's always entertaining to watch drivers during the first major snowfall of the year. People thinking they're able to drive as they normally would in summer - till you see them fish tailing down an incline. The drivers' lips are moving and you know their words are of a colourful nature!

AtImage our house, the snow was a welcome site. The kids were dressed and scooted out the door for some long overdue fresh air. I was going to spark up the snow blower and clean up the snow-filled driveway. It's a great sense of accomplishment pulling the rip cord to hear the roaring of the engine! The snow blower purrs like a kitten and this Mama is off to the races.

Wintery bliss! The kids frolic in fluffy snow laughing, having fun and for now...getting along. I steam ahead, clearing the driveway, proud of myself. Still, as the saying goes, "all good things must come to an end!"

GrrEEEeek! BANG! Thump! "Sweet mother! What was that?" Machine off, and with a quick prayer before I look, I see that...oh my. A large rock has made its way into the snow blower. I remove it and proceed to continue on. (Foolish me). We were moving forward, but no snow was spitting out. Dry as a bone. Another look reveals the augers are not rotating. Why? I have no clue. As far as I'm concerned, rock gone = machine works again. But, no. I've heard of a shear pin? A belt? I have no idea. I do know however, that this is not good. Only ten minutes into snow clearing 40 cm of snow and we were brought to an abrupt halt.

The irony? My husband's truck sits lifeless in the driveway with snow plow attached. But there are two problems: No. 1: He's out of the country and No. 2: I haven't a sweet clue how to use it. I scowl at the truck, for now it's a useless ornament mocking me and my predicament. Then I glare at my broken snow blower conceiting defeat! As if holding the sacred white flag, I pitifully sniff, waving my hand in the air. "Help!"

My neighbours (and friends) make their way, snow blower in tow. With joined forces we clear the white glue from the pavement and walkways. Cars are returned to their initial parking positions and all consider it a job well done. Then, like any good snow-clearing event, we head upstreet, barbecue some hot dogs and hamburgers, open a bottle (or two) of wine, serve up a few Caesars and...four hours later...hope for a snow day! Nothing like a good snow party to wipe away what ails ya! After all, might as well find a way to enjoy the shovelling and plowing - chances are the snow's here till June!

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