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Fri. Dec. 10, 2010

"SKATE! SKATE! SKATE! - C'mon by'! - Get 'em, go, go GO!"

Sweet mother! It's the first period of my son's hockey game, and I seem to have positioned myself in front of a woman who insists on conducting a play-by-play for her son (who's on the opposing team). "Go Jamie, GET him!" she hollers again and again!

First period, six minutes in, her continued "support" is now starting to grate on my nerves. By the second period, I'm hoping Jamie gets it together so that his mother might be quiet. However, no such luck. I sit quietly, uttering the occasional "Oooo", "Oh!", "Good try", when my brain is yet again rattled by, "SKATE! SKATE! SKAAAAATE!"

In all fairness, what else is the kid going to do? Skip? Pirouette? Do cart-wheels? Of course he's going to skate! It's an ice rink - he's wearing skates! Sweet jingles! By the third period, the score was 6-1 for the opposing team. I knew it (as I can read the score board) - and the entire building knew it, thanks to the crazed hockey mom perched behind me. Occasionally, I would turn around to see if direct eye contact would have any effect. Perhaps she did not realize she was being so overbearing.

I debated asking her to tone it down a little. However, I thought it best to keep my mouth shut as she began to growl once the score got closer to a tie. I'll be honest, she was getting on my last nerve! Did she not realize that all the other onlookers were staring at her? That this version of parental support was annoying, disruptive, and not to mention detrimental to the reputation of the hockey mom? I'm surprised crazed hockey moms like her don't invest in ear pieces so they can communicate their instructions to their children from the stands.

At the end of the day people, I ask you...what happened to taking pride in watching your child have fun, to see them feel good about his/herself, to just sitting back and letting them be part of a team without squawking at them from the sidelines. I wonder how Jamie felt having his mom yelling out at him the entire game? Not quite the confidence booster I was thinking of.

For my part, every 8 a.m. Saturday of the season, I'll pile gear and kids into the mini-van, suit up, sit with hot chocolate and just plain enjoy a good old game of hockey!

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