Christmas Already?

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  • Posted: Nov 09, 2010 6:22 PM
Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Halloween night laid to rest. Like most, we've sorted, thrown out, taste-tested and overeaten the yummy goodies hauled in by the kids. We've instated guidelines of two treats per day, however, are enforcing the "do as I say" policy not the "do as I do" (let's just say I've snuck more than two!); and I believe the treats may conveniently disappear to a compost pile have they not been consumed in a timely manner. Temptation is winning the battle!

All in all, Halloween is considered a success. Great costumes, scrumptious candy, a house that didn't get toilet-papered, pumpkins still in one piece, some overgrown trick or's all good! Though I might add, if you're over the age of 14 and are participating in Halloween activities, I have one request. Please have the decency of NOT talking on your cell phone while multi-tasking your pillow case loot bag, motioning to me for a handout. A better idea would be to take the phone away from your face, say "Trick or Treat," grunt out some resemblance of a thank you and enjoy the rest of your evening.

So, that was that.

Tuesday morning after dropping the kids at school, I stop by Starbucks for a little morning treat. I walked in the door, headed toward the line-up where I was abruptly stopped by what surrounded me. It was everywhere...the smell, the colours...I actually had to take a moment and digest what I was seeing. Only days earlier I'd dug out the old skeletons and pumpkin lights, which mostly likely will be hung for another week or so - and now, without so much as a blink, I was surrounded by...Christmas! Smells of cinnamon & peppermint filled the store, plus holiday-themed coffee mugs displayed with gift cards and single-serving packets. In the blink of an eye merchandisers had quietly transformed their stores to us unsuspecting folks.

Prior to now, I had noticed the occasional pre-lit tree, carelessly glanced over boxes of Seasons Greetings cards. Everywhere I went that day, stores had been transformed into Wintery Wonderlands. I'd barely wrapped my head around the end of Halloween, hardly taken a breath...for a short fleeting moment, I felt uncommitted and self directed. The Christmas countdown on the radio chimes "only eight weeks left till Christmas" as I heard a lady down the aisle say, "You know, there's only three more pay periods till Christmas!"

Martha Stewart's elegantly tailored holiday trimmings, twinkling tree lights, ergonomic snow shovels along with festively decorated topiaries now filled the stores. Rows upon rows of Christmas trees line the aisles, end-caps filled with ribbons of all colours. "Hottest toys," "Gifts for under $10," "Gift giving made easy!" Holiday shopping has officially arrived - smack in the face!

As the saying goes, "if you can't beat them...join them." I retreated home, scurried about removing all signs of Halloween, suffered through a hot flash or two, then, proudly hung my seasonally appropriate winter wreath!

I was not going to be left behind!

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