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  • Posted: Nov 05, 2010 7:05 PM
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween is just around the corner. Today at school the children are permitted to wear their costumes, bring a treat and participate in a school-wide parade. The costumes have been carefully calculated (after all, we've had them in theory since late August) and assembled with school-approved snacks packed ready to go. The kids are pumped, they look adorable in their ensembles matched with giggles and ghostly roars!

Like any mother, I love to see them so happy! Yet, I am all too aware of the chaos that is coming. School Halloween parties should be called, "a sugar-filled trick-or-treating test run." A brilliant idea! Kids on any given day may stupefy us parents with hyperactivity and absurd behaviour, leaving us shaking our heads bewildered - and sometimes frightened!

Nonetheless, we willingly participate in a tradition that dresses them in costumes (appropriate or not) and supports door to door soliciting of treats, often by threatening minor pranks! Treats, that in the end will produce chocolate-crazed children, belly aches - and if you're lucky...an 11 p.m. vomit spree of sweetie goodness! Oh we know better! To deprive them of a school function promising games and sweet goodies would be cruel.

I'm sure the teachers have a chuckle to themselves while candidly handing out lollipops. The classroom chaos cannot last longer than three o'clock. Then the little ghouls and gremlins are booted through the door into the hands of their unsuspecting parents. Later that evening it's time to take inventory. The once sugar-spiked euphoria is now a crash n' burn, cranky-filled mess! The candy consumption level must be carefully calculated to avoid a do-over. If nothing else...we'll try.

And............their off! As I deposit my little darlings back to class, even I can't help feel excitement! I spot witches, cowboys, vampires, ninjas, an angel with shorty shorts! Yes, Halloween and its trimmings are to be embraced and delighted in. When else is it appropriate to dress like a zombie and tell your kids they look delicious! "You, little one, are on the menu tonight!"

Have a safe and happy Halloween..."Trick or Treat!"

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